Better Government

America’s biggest problems can be solved if we elect a government that works for the people again. We need representatives who recognize that a strong middle class is the bedrock of our economy and our democracy. Solutions that intensify inequalities and shrink the middle class are not solutions at all.

Campaign Finance Reform - One of the biggest hurdles to solving critical issues is the unrelenting amount of reported money and secret money mired in politics. We must overturn the Supreme Court decisions that determined “corporations are people.” We can achieve this through legislation and wiser judicial appointments. Money has muddled America’s political process to the point where people no longer feel represented; instead, major campaign contributors’ needs are represented first. 

Fiscal Responsibility - Not paying the country's bills and shutting down the government is not fiscal responsibly; it damages our economy and our standing in the world. As the world’s most powerful country, this instability creates uncertainty, both nationally and internationally. No one wants to invest in a country that can’t be trusted to pay its bills.

It is government’s responsibility to be efficient and effective with taxpayer money. It should be the priority of any government agency or program to ensure taxpayer money is not being wasted. When used wisely, taxes allow us to accomplish great things. It is how we build a strong and secure future for the country now and for future generations. We can all enjoy the National Parks, set up a few generations past by taxpayer dollars. Roads, bridges, and power infrastructure allow businesses to thrive. Military budgets keep us safe. It is the way we invest in our country. We need to be sure our tax dollars are being invested wisely.

Stop the "Revolving Door” in Washington - We need to put an end to the process by which politicians, staff and regulators leave Congress or government offices to become lobbyists, then become powerful mouthpieces for industries and corporations they used to oversee, with salaries in the millions. Neither should lobbyists from industry be appointed as the top regulators for their own industry.

Criminal Justice Reform - The United States has the highest rate of incarceration per capita in the developed world. The vast majority of non-violent offenders are serving time for drug offenses. It is time we re-evaluate the consequences of our expensive “war on drugs.” We need to examine and treat drug addiction as a disease, rather than a crime; it costs far less, and it could be more effective. The privatization of prisons is also highly problematic. When more prisoners mean more profits, there is no incentive to rehabilitate and decrease recidivism.

Gun Safety - Poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Americans, including gun owners and NRA members, believe in rational gun safety regulation. However, the powerful and wealthy gun lobby has politicians afraid to act. This is another example of why Campaign Finance Reform is so critical and why legislators must be untethered from the corrupting influence of money. I support universal background checks, and I believe the assault weapons ban needs to be reinstated. When elected, I will fight for gun safety legislation. 

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