Darrell Issa – Out-of-Touch on Immigration Reform and Dream Act

Congressman Darrell Issa is either ignoring the facts about undocumented children flowing into the U.S., or cynically using young people attempting to escape persecution and death squads in Central America to attack the President and existing immigration laws.

(Vista, California) — On July 2nd, Darrell Issa sent a letter to the President that was signed by him and 32 other House Republicans, demanding President Obama to re-initiate the deportation of undocumented children who have lived here all their lives.

Issa conflates the situation of these children with a current crisis at our southern border, where many very young people have traveled from Central America to escape persecution and possible death. These are two separate and unrelated issues, yet Issa is using this humanitarian tragedy purely for publicity.

Rather than work toward a much needed immigration reform bill in the House, Issa has knowingly misrepresented the facts and resorts to political grandstanding. Rather than work to find real solutions, Issa has chosen to be part of the problem. Increasing deportations, or turning away children seeking safety and asylum, often seeking shelter with family members already residing in the U.S., will only increase the humanitarian crisis.

The administration is enforcing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that ensures the safe treatment of children seeking asylum. Issa's misinformation is another example of his being out of touch. Blaming the influx of unaccompanied children at our borders on this relief program is a travesty.

Issa is advocating splitting up families, removing children from the only home they’ve known, deporting them to a country that is foreign to them where they may not be able to continue their education.

Destroying families in the name of party politics is callous, and does nothing to mend our broken immigration system. Fabricating yet another controversy only increases the time and effort required to advance policy reform. Instead of working to end gridlock in Washington and towards real reform, Issa is culpable of harming families, our economy, and our community. Immigrants – especially in Issa's home congressional district just 30 minutes from the Mexican border – are part of our community. We must provide a means for the undocumented population to come out of the shadows and fully participate in our society.

Darrell Issa needs to stop wasting time and our taxpayer money on one red herring investigation after another. He needs to listen to the needs of our community and work together for real solutions.

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