Healthcare and our Social Support System

Social Security, Medicare, and Covered California are essential public policies which I will defend. Social Security can be strengthened without decreasing payments or raising the retirement age. Balancing the revenues and expenses of Medicare and Covered California can be achieved through innovation and better coordination of care. Rationing medical care is not the answer.

Social Security - My opponent and the Republican Congress has voted to privatize Social Security and hand it over to Wall Street. Social Security and other safety net programs are essential to a strong market economy. Social Security is an insurance program designed to protect workers and seniors. I will protect and strengthen these programs and consider adjustments of the income “cap.” With better means of calculating what is considered "income," this program can remain strong.

Medicare, Medi-Cal, and Covered California - My opponent and the Republican Congress has voted to replace Medicare with private vouchers that would not cover the cost of insurance for most seniors; has voted multiple times to shut down Covered California; and voted to slash Medi-Cal, which would likely result in insurance being canceled for millions of younger Californians and reducing coverage for seniors and those who are currently in nursing homes. I will oppose all efforts to dismantle Medicare. Three million Californians would lose their health insurance if the Republican Congress gets their way. I will oppose all efforts to shut down Covered California as well oppose efforts to reduce Medi-Cal funding.

Long term care - Many families are shocked at the cost of long term skilled nursing care. At an average cost of $50,000 annually, many families cannot afford this type of care. Fortunately, Medi-Cal pays for Skilled Nursing Facilities when individuals are unable to do so. As the bulk of the population ages, we must look for ways to help families to care for their loved ones at home if possible, and to address the costs of skilled nursing care, while also protecting Medi-Cal funding.





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