Jobs and the Economy

Growing the middle class via investments in infrastructure, education, and renewable energy will create more jobs for the middle class than all the Republican Tax Cuts for the wealthy, combined.

Infrastructure - The President has proposed the Grow America Act, which will invest $300 billion over 4 years in our nation’s highways, railroads, and transit systems. This investment would immediately create good paying construction jobs. It would also create many more indirect, long-term jobs by improving our aging and inefficient transportation infrastructure.

Outsourcing/Privatization - The GOP practice of outsourcing jobs and privatizing public services achieves no public good. We need to incentivize and reward companies that create and keep good paying jobs here in the United States and end and tax loopholes that reward outsourcing or off-shoring jobs. We also need leadership in Congress that will protect our hard-working civil servants, like those at the United States Postal Service.

Minimum Wage/Income Disparity - Families will be better able to keep up with the high cost of living if we raise the minimum wage and ensure that women get equal pay for equal work. These policies can also help the economy; state’s that have increased the minimum wage have strong economies.

Job Training/Retraining - Job training strengthens the middle class. I will work for legislation that makes accredited training accessible to all Americans who need it, so all have the opportunity to succeed.

Financial Regulation - The 49th Congressional District was hit hard by the 2008 economic crisis. Unlike my opponent, I believe that financial institutions need to be regulated with clear, responsible legislation, especially those institutions that are guaranteed with taxpayer dollars.




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