Veterans & Active Duty Military

Keeping America's promise to our Nation's Veterans means so much more than speeches on Memorial Day; it means fighting every day to fulfill promises on healthcare, education, and benefits. After I am elected, I will be committed to full funding for the VA and to expediting the delivery of benefits that have been delayed. I will do all I can to support service members, their families, and veterans.

Military Sexual Assault - The current military justice system must be reformed to ensure that victims of sexual assault receive the support and justice they deserve and perpetrators are swiftly punished. I believe that Senator Gillibrand’s Military Justice Improvement Act was the right bill for the job. If elected, I will seek to pass similar legislation in the House of Representatives.

Suicide Prevention - The lack of attention military suicides receive on Capitol Hill and in the media is shameful. Ensuring that all who serve have access to timely mental health services that will not unnecessarily affect their military record will be one of my top priorities when I go to Washington.

Education Benefits - If elected, I will support, protect, and improve the educational benefits our veterans and service-members have earned. I will vote against any attempt to cut such benefits and seek to ensure that predatory for-profit colleges can not take advantage of our veterans.


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