Climate Action

The historic drought and firestorms here in California, severe weather, and changes to the environment, are ominous warnings that we must find solutions; we need to solve the climate crisis. There are solutions available and actions we can take to solve our energy needs, protect the environment, and avoid disastrous and irreversible climate change.

Carbon Rebate - The Carbon Rebate is a proposal to give every American family a rebate check every year. The money for this rebate check will come from a tax paid by all fossil fuel companies based on their carbon emissions.

The Carbon Rebate can offset any rise in energy prices to consumers. Initially, this check will be small, but it will grow larger every year for about 20 years. Families that choose to buy more fuel-efficient cars, use public transit, buy solar panels for their home, or save energy in other ways, will have more money under this system. Families that make no changes in their energy use will break even. Families who use a lot of energy will probably pay more in the early years, but as renewable energy becomes more the norm, energy prices will fall for everyone.

This will shift the economy away from fossil fuels over time, and will give investors the certainty they need to make large investments in renewable energy technologies. Most importantly, the Carbon Rebate will prevent Earth’s temperature from rising to catastrophic levels. The biggest winners will be our children and future generations who will inherit a livable planet.

Green Jobs - The Solar Industry now employs more workers than the mining industry and it has the potential to employ many more. The Solar industry is in its infancy, as is wind energy. There is unharnessed wind and solar energy. Reliance on these alternatives can help prevent asthma and lung disease, and renewable energy doesn’t pollute lakes, streams, or groundwater.

Green technology has the ability to vastly change the way we get our energy. Energy can be made locally and the profits and jobs can stay local, allowing communities and families to be healthier - both physically and financially. Individuals, communities, states, and our nation can become completely independent of dirty, toxic, and foreign energy sources.

Renewable energy - Renewable energy gets cheaper every day while the cost of fossil fuels fluctuate out of control - damaging our economy, air quality, climate, and national security. Federal incentives for renewable energy should be expanded, while tax giveaways to the multi-billion dollar Dirty Energy Sector must stop. This will create many good paying middle class jobs. Over time, all Americans will save money by utilizing less expensive renewable energy and we’ll all benefit by experiencing fewer health-care costs, less environmental damage, and fewer cleanup costs.

Environmental Protections - Everyone needs clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and healthy food to eat. These are not extravagances, they are essential to life. But, these things are endangered when we don’t have adequate environmental protections. When water sources are used as a waste dump, or toxins are allowed to flow into our soil and our groundwater, it is not easy to account for the loss and damage. It is far easier to protect our precious resources than to try and undo the damage. 


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