Individual’s Rights and Immigration Reform

We all believe in equal opportunity and that everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Discrimination, of any sort, undermines our most basic values. I will stand against discrimination in any form.  I will be a leader for equal rights, voting rights, and I will work towards realistic, comprehensive immigration reform.

Voting Rights - Some states have recently passed laws to discourage voting, creating barriers that disenfranchise certain voting groups. Congress should reaffirm the Voting Rights Act, and remove the barriers to voting in every state.

Women’s Rights - My opponent and the Republican Congress have repeatedly blocked legislation to guarantee that women receive equal pay for equal work. Equal pay has been a campaign platform as early as 1886. After 128 years, it is time to pass Fair Pay legislation into law.

Birth control coverage should be a part of basic health insurance plans. Current court rulings have allowed some for-profit employers to deny female employees access to contraceptive coverage under their insurance plans, which is discriminatory. Women should have full access to medical treatments, including birth control, regardless of her employer. I will support the rights of women to have access to the reproductive health care they need.

LGBTQ Rights - Today, 26 states allow an employer to fire LGBTQ employees without cause. Congress must pass a law protecting the rights of all workers from employment discrimination regardless of their sexual orientation. Our government must recognize secular marriage equality between legally consenting adults.

Net Neutrality - The Internet has become a basic utility for individuals and businesses, and must be regulated as such. Giant telecommunication monopolies must not be allowed to pick and choose whose content will be available on your computer. They must not be allowed to speed up content for wealthy companies who can afford to pay a premium to Internet Providers and slow it down for others; this is the opposite of market competition and it will stifle innovation. Even major Internet companies agree that this would not be right and when I am elected, I will fight for Net Neutrality.  

Immigration Reform - Immigrant rights are human rights. For the residents of the 49th District, immigration is a family issue, a jobs issue, an issue that affects small businesses, and the security of our community. For us to move forward, the California's 49th district needs a leader, not another politician who obstructs serious, comprehensive immigration reform.

The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan organization, confirmed comprehensive immigration reform holds the potential for economic growth and job creation that will benefit all Americans. It will give business owners clarity when hiring workers and help stimulate the economy as previously undocumented workers invest in their futures by going to school or starting their own businesses. If elected, I will support reform that grants a pathway to citizenship to the DREAMers, those who were brought as children to the United States by their parents, and are now successfully attending college or serving in our military. As your Congressman, I will do everything I can to ensure that those who want to work hard and contribute to our society have that opportunity. Additionally, I will provide the necessary resources for the humane treatment of refugees and immigrants.





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