Public education is an investment we make in our children, our society and our economy. To have a strong future, we need to ensure every child is provided a world-class education and a safe, healthy learning environment. The economy of the future demands an educated workforce and the federal government has an important role in building that future.

Universal Pre-K - Providing early childhood education helps develop vital language skills and problem solving skills in children. Early childhood education has also been shown to be effective at combating income inequality, and increasing social mobility across all racial and income groups. Universal Pre-K is one way we can ensure that America's youth will be prepared for the future.

Healthy School Meals - Proper nutrition is essential to developing brains and children must have healthy meals in order to learn and perform well in school. No child should be inhibited from learning due to inadequate nourishment; this is unacceptable. I support healthy, low-cost school meals.

College Access, Costs/Student Loans - In today’s economy, higher education has become increasingly essential. Inadequate college preparation, skyrocketing tuition costs, and prohibitive college loan interest rates prevent or hinder student’s access to and success in higher education. It is vital that we protect and invest in public colleges and universities while seeking ways to keep costs down. We can do this without sacrificing the highest quality education, and while ensuring each student has the opportunity to succeed. We need to increase Pell Grants and reduce federally subsidized student loan interest rates. Students should not be viewed as a source of profit, leaving students burdened with high interest loans for decades.

Supporting Educators/Continuing Education - Educators need to know they can get the materials they need to teach efficiently and effectively. Continuing education for teachers is necessary to ensure they are equipped with both best practices and the tools needed to teach differing students effectively. Teachers must exemplify academic and intellectual growth in order to best impart the needed knowledge and skills to their students.




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